What is blockchain in development?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that radically solves problems of security and trust. All data and transactions are transparent and cannot be altered or stolen. Transactions can be conducted without intermediaries. This significantly reduces the cost of business, so large companies are increasingly investing in this area.

Today there are many services that provide blockchain development services. Creating blockchain solutions and consulting with professional experts will help a lot in solving your business problem.

In its early days, blockchain technology was used exclusively for cryptocurrencies, and somewhat later was adopted by some banking structures. Today, however, in its development, the new system is penetrating deeply into our daily lives. Blockchain-based business application development platforms can even monitor copyright compliance, monitor the production of a product for compliance with stated standards, not to mention all financial transactions.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain has gotten the most traction in cryptocurrency development. But as a blockchain developer, we see the benefits of its application in almost any industry where trust in partners and transactions is needed:

Financial transactions

What is blockchain in development1

Blockchain has been widely adopted as the basis for cryptocurrencies. But its application is also very much in demand in other traditional financial transactions, such as accounting for payments, reconciling balances, and tagging unique documents.

Secure electronic document management. Virtual notary

Blockchain allows to create continuous chains of blocks. Blocks in this case can be documents, which are marked with unique signatures. The technology completely excludes document forgery, which is a guarantee of their authenticity. An example of such developments is our service Jackie Chain.


The introduction of technology in the insurance industry completely eliminates the risk of confirming transactions. An unbroken chain that stores data that cannot be compromised is the best guarantee of document authenticity.

Data validation and more

The applications of the technology are almost unlimited. Wherever you need to verify or simply be assured of the authenticity of transactions and data, you’ll find applications for the new blockchain technology.

Transparent government services

The use of blockchain will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries in the application and document storage process. Openness makes the execution of services transparent and understandable for each party. It also makes it easier for government agencies to monitor the execution of decisions.

Blockchain for Cybersecurity

The application of blockchain technology as a cybersecurity solutions is limitless because of its unique properties of reliability, public availability, high adaptability, cost-effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. The use of blockchain technology to combat cybercrime, including cyberterrorism, can extend to controlling financial services, transportation or any other industry.

Why blockchain?

  • Each block of transactions contains a link to the previous block and to the next.
  • Copies of transaction hashes are stored by each participant in the transaction, eliminating the need for intermediaries. All communication takes place directly.
  • All transactions are encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
  • Impossibility to rewrite transactions. All transactions are lined up in a continuous chain, eliminating data tampering.

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