Top Clock And Weather Widgets To Add To Your Home Screen

Widgets are smaller than apps and are designed for providing convenience to the user. These are extremely useful and can be customized as per the likes of the user. We all want apps and widgets that are aesthetically pleasing while nicely presenting their main function. One widget that’s commonly placed on a user’s home screen is the clock and the weather widgets.

What’s important is that both are essential for your phone. While some widgets can easily be downloaded from the app store, your smartphone already has some basic widgets pre-installed in it. While most clock and weather widgets can separately be downloaded and installed, there are some which have one or the other integrated. Hence, in that case, you can either download a weather widget that comes with a clock or a clock widget that has the weather option integrated into it. So if your phone is locked, you wouldn’t have to unlock it now and then to check the time. Almost all clock and weather widgets can be personalized according to the current theme of the smartphone.

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How To Add A Widget To Your Home Screen

While adding a widget is a fairly simple task, some people still are not able to do it. Whether you want to add a dual clock and weather widget to your home screen or want to add both these widgets separately, is really up to you. To place these widgets on the main screen, simply long-press on your home screen, and the widget drawer will open up. Next, select the widget that you like and want to see on the screen. Resize it as per your liking, adjust its placement, and TADA! You are done!

Why It’s Necessary To Get A Widget

Similar to apps, widgets are also extremely handy and can present the relevant information at your disposal within seconds. Installing weather and a clock widget on your phone will not just inform you about the current time and weather conditions, it can also inform you about weather conditions in other cities. Similarly, such clock widgets can also display the time of other cities or even countries, so that you don’t always have to go to Google to find out the time difference or weather conditions of other parts of the world.

Top Clock And Weather Widgets

We rounded some of the top clock and weather widgets that you need to add to your home screen asap!

As the name suggests, this widget allows you to view the current weather with time and date. In addition to this, the widget also shows a rough percentage, to update the user about the chances of rain. This widget can be displayed in various forms as there are different styles that the user can choose for display on the main screen. So whether your preference is that of a large font size or a smaller one, the widget can adapt accordingly to fit your screen. Moreover, the user has the option to alter the levels of transparency and opacity as per their liking as well. There are sharing options available in the widget as well, so the user is allowed to share their present weather conditions or the current weather forecast on multiple social media channels. Download now and experience this amazing widget now!

The Sense Flip Clock & Weather

This is one of the coolest entries on this list. The widget installs a digital clock that comes with an additional weather forecast as well. This is a great widget as it gives the user detailed information on various areas such as humidity, pressure, chances of rain, sunrise, and sunset for the current position. In addition to the weather factor, there are several themes and various fonts that come in the widget, so you can select a funky design for your home screen display. Download now.


This is one of the most popular weather and clock widgets that’s available on Google Store. It comes from the same brand that specializes in forecasting meteorological conditions and regular updates. Additionally, besides giving the user daily forecasts, along with the time and the date, current climate conditions, you can also view current temperature with current weather news. Simply, adjust the time and date along with the background opacity according to the theme and you are good to go! If you are looking for a widget that’s high on presenting accurate weather updates, then this app is just for you! While the user cannot fiddle much with the size of the widget, there is only a certain amount to which it can be resized, this is still a great app. Download the AccuWeather widget now!

Transparent Clock & Weather – Forecast and Radar

This widget is exactly as the name suggests, simple, transparent, and straightforward. It does not present a complicated set of commands to the user. It can easily be installed and adjusted without any fuss. Furthermore, it gives you all the relevant information at hand. Besides updating the user on local weather forecasts with the present time and date, it gives you options that involve worldwide options as well. The user has the option to view weather forecasts up to three days ahead. The regular weather alerts are uncomplicated and fussy like the rest of the widget. Download on Android!

The Bottom Line…

While most of these weather and clock widgets are extremely simple in layout, they are as the name suggests just literally weather and a clock widget. Nothing more and nothing less. These usually don’t come with ads, so that’s a plus. If you are worried about data caps, we suggest that you visit buytvinternetphone and select a fantastic bundle that ensures a clear and reliable connection. Visit now!

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