Clarifying information about the Jun88 dealer, a scam that shakes the market in 2023

The trend of getting rich from making money online betting is no longer strange to the Vietnamese market these years. It can be seen that jun88 is always one of the top choices when you want to try this way of making money. However, recently, there have been rumors of scams such as locking accounts or not allowing customers to withdraw money. Is that true? Let’s find out what the truth is through the following content.

1.General information about Jun88 that you should know

First of all, Jun88 is considered one of the leading bookmakers in online betting. Especially the online casino simulation and various forms of bets related to sports such as football.

Similar to other bookmakers today, this place also successfully attracts a lot of players with super attractive betting types. Simply put, in terms of prestige, Jun88 has been working with and accompanying players for many years now. At the same time, the unit also has a head office working in foreign countries and is trusted by many customers.

General information about Jun88

Especially, many bookies will ask for an intermediary amount when they just join the game. However, that is not the case here. Because this bookie really puts the interests of customers first.

2.Is the Jun88 dealer really scamming players?

If the Jun88 house is really reputable and trusted and chosen by so many people to play, why are there now so many articles related to this unit cheating customers?

The house jun88 is a reputable playground that has never scammed members

Currently, most rumors are aimed at locking accounts and not allowing players to withdraw money. There are even quite a few accounts speaking out and supporting this rumor.

It can be said that this is partly due to the business tricks of competitors. When it is known that Jun88 is considered one of the leading bookmakers in the Vietnamese market, there are many new bookies that you will want to take down.

So it’s very unlikely that an account lockout or no withdrawal here is possible. Perhaps it is due to a system problem. However, these errors will be notified to the player and corrected within the specified time.

If you are one of the players at Jun88 that encounters situations like the above, don’t worry or be in a hurry. Instead, wait patiently for the house to come up with a quick and best solution for you.

If you want this process to be faster, you can also contact customer service 24/7 for immediate advice at no cost.

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3. Proof against rumors of Jun88 scam

The Jun88 house has a strong name and position in the betting market in Vietnam. But always “favored” by the opponent and spread many false rumors.

However, to help you avoid worrying about the reputation of the house, let’s take a look at the outstanding factors that this playground owns:

Screenshot 2

Proof against rumors of Jun88 scam

Legal activity papers issued by PAGCOR organization, sponsored by the Philippines.

Strong organizational economy.

The homepage is invested with billions of dollars, creating a trendy and high-class playground.

Use popular and reputable payment methods.

Create many award-winning and promotional events with international “calibre” value and scale.

Just a few basics from the list of brand highlights. Players can already see the truth about the scam story that the house is entangled in is completely unreasonable.

Because when you have enough strong finances, overwhelming members, effective sponsors and super cool game store, there is no reason for Jun88 to use bad tricks with players. all right.

4.How to access Jun88 homepage?

In order to increase the security of information for customers participating in entertainment and betting, Jun88 changed the way to set up accounts. Bring a sense of security to other members and protect the homepage. People can find the link to the website homepage in 3 ways:

Go to Google >> Search “Jun88” >> Click on the link containing the homepage link >> Click on the link to open the homepage.

Download the app to your device for both iOS and Android.

Access Jun88 via the suggested link HERE.

4.1 Instructions for registering a Jun88 account

Just spend 5 minutes to register an account, you will immediately have a confirmation ticket to participate in entertainment at the Jun88 house. As follows:

Step 1: Go to the homepage >> select “Register” >> Fill in your login information

Step 2: Check the information >> Enter the verification code >> Select “Register”

Step 3: Verify the account and link the bank with the wallet >> Deposit >> Join the bet.

4.2Jun88 payment is fair?

Currently, Jun88 is combining the use of 3 payment methods and all of them are popularly used today such as:

Direct transaction at the bank

Electronic wallet

Transfer via Banking

In addition, the system also supports many types of domestic and foreign banks. It only takes 5 minutes to complete payment transactions here.

Screenshot 3

In the event of a problem or delay in the execution of a transaction. Please contact the staff immediately through the number of online consulting channels at the website, Zalo, Viber, Email or hotline, etc. to get the problem solved immediately.

Not only is it a healthy entertainment playground, the Jun88 house also shows its class with a solid economy through the form of game portal development. Hopefully, the content shared above will bring usefulness to the Vietnamese “soldier” community. Bring the ideal moment of relaxation.

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