Guide to Betting Blackjack Hi88 Big Wins For Newbie 

Blackjack HI88 becoming more and more popular and chosen by many bettors to bet. So is the rule of this card game difficult and what is the payout ratio when winning? In today’s article, the Hi88Club dealer will reveal the details of Blackjack to newbies.

Synthesize the easiest and most detailed way to play HI88 Blackjack

Before placing money in card games Blackjack New players need to understand and understand the rules of the game. The basic rules in online Blackjack betting at the Jun88 system are as follows:

Synthesize the easiest and most detailed way to play HI88 Blackjack

Deck used in gamesBlackjack 

Like many other online casino card games, Blackjack HI88 also uses a 52-card deck. However, there is not only one deck used in each game, but the number can range from 1 to 8 decks depending on the number of players participating. Therefore, it is completely normal to duplicate cards during Blackjack betting.

Rules for scoring each gameBlackjack 

The top goal of bettors when participating in the gameBlackjack HI88 is to get a score equal to 21 or closest to 21. If the bettor gets 21 points or higher than the dealer (dealer) without exceeding 21 will be counted as winning the HI88 Blackjack bet. In addition, the scoring method for each card will be based on the following principles:

  • Cards from 2 to 10: Score each card according to the order number (card 2 = 2 points, card 5 = 5 points, card 9 = 9 points …).
  • J, Q, and K pieces: 10 points/card.
  • Aces: 1 point or 10 points / card depending on the actual situation of each game so that it is most beneficial for the player bet.

Guide to Betting Blackjack Hi88 Big Wins For Newbie 1

Rules for scoring each gameBlackjack Hi88

Commands to use when betting Blackjack HI88

Ingame Blackjack HI88 online also uses commands to place bets including:

  • Take: Add a new, random card to the player’s deck previously dealt by the dealer.
  • Stop: Give your turn to the next player without playing any pieces.
  • Double Money: Double the bet on the next piece to be hit.
  • Split: Bet player with 2 cards with the same number of different suit will be divided into 2 hands, but the bet value will remain the same as the original.
  • Abandon: The player stops playing all the cards available and accepts to lose half of the bet amount for HI88.

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Ways to win in a game Blackjack online 

There are 3 different types of wins when you participate in Blackjack HI88 bets, including:

  • Regular Win: The player bet’s final score is higher than the dealer but does not exceed the 21 mark.
  • Win by Blackjack: The cards after the dealer deals to the player by exactly 21 points will be counted as winning by Blackjack without having to continue playing the whole game.
  • Winning the insurance bet: The case of the pieces but The dealer in possession has an ace, the player bet will be able to bet an amount called insurance. If the dealer’s face-down cards are J, Q, K or 10 the player loses the original insurance bet.

Ways to lose in a game Blackjack online 

The case of losing the HI88 Blackjack bet includes 2 situations:

  • Normal Loss: If the dealer has a Blackjack or the player’s total score exceeds 21, it will be counted as a loser.
  • Discard: Players who quit midway do not continue to play again will be counted as immediate loss.

Reveal betting strategy Blackjack on HI88 from master

Follow the players with a lot of experience to be able to win consecutive gamesBlackjack HI88 beginners cannot rely solely on luck or memorizing the rules of the game. Instead, you need to know some tipsBlackjack online below:

Guide to Betting Blackjack Hi88 Big Wins For Newbie 2

Reveal betting strategyBlackjack  on HI88 from master

  • Learn to memorize the cards played: The card memory strategy is considered one of the simplest tricks that beginners can apply to any game. The memorization of the army played as well as the results of the previous games will help bettors find the rules and make the most reasonable tactical change.
  • Considerations before splitting: In Blackjack HI88 it is not always possible to receive 2 cards of the same number of different suits, so they should be split. If the sum of the cards is close to 21, the beginner should not risk splitting, but keep it.
  • Manage Blackjack bets effectively: New players should reduce their reserve capital in case of consecutive losing bets but no money to take back. At the same time avoid accumulating money all in one doorBlackjack there is a big risk of losing.

Here are the most detailed answers on how to bet on cards Blackjack HI88. Hopefully, newbies already know an interesting casino card game and confidently participate in betting. Look forward to the next articles from the HI88 dealer to discover more quality card games!

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