What To Look For When Choosing A Crypto Exchange

Crypto investment has become so straightforward with cryptocurrency exchanges that convert the fiat currency into the cryptocurrency in simple steps and charge a limited amount of fees at each transaction. There are various crypto exchanges available in the market. Choosing the best or the most appropriate can be confusing and challenging, especially if you do not know what to look for. Many platforms such as KuCoin offer the best incentives to the users and have the most features at the least prices. In this article, we will discuss the choosing criteria of the crypto exchange platforms.

The Range Of Cryptos

Most crypto exchange platforms offer only about 10 to 20 coins and currencies on their platform. It is better to choose the platform that provides access to more and more currencies to increase the choice in investment. KuCoin offers about 500 currencies, and the user can invest in any money they like.

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Security is one of the primary considerations in choosing the crypto exchange platform. Although crypto is a decentralized currency and highly resistant to theft, crypto wallets can be hacked. To avoid this, the crypto exchange must have powerful security features. KuCoin provides multifactor security, separate password on the transaction, limited IP, and several other features.


The main factor in the crypto exchange is its fees and charges. Some crypto exchanges provide the best features but have the highest charges, and some crypto exchanges with low fees do not have enough features. KuCoin offers a near-free platform and has a commission of less than 0.1 %. It also provides maximum features as compared to other platforms.

Trading Options

What is the purpose of the crypto exchange if you cannot even load the amount in it? You should choose a crypto platform that accepts multiple payment methods. In the KuCoin, you can pay with any online resource, and it also has its coin called KCS that enables the user to trade in its currency, and there is no need to change the cash to trade.


The major contributing factor in choosing the crypto exchange platform is liquidity. Liquidity is the function of the users on the platform, and the more it has, the more chances to buy and sell the coins. KuCoin has a large user base, with almost 25 % of all crypto investors using KuCoin.

Real-Time Data

Cryptocurrency rises and falls in just a matter of seconds, and choosing the platform that does not update quickly has its limitations. Real-time data is essential for transactions and trading, and it should be considered when choosing the crypto exchange platform. Other than that, it should also provide adequate and relevant cryptocurrency news.

Passive Income

Trading is the primary way of earning money from crypto, but there are several other risk-free ways to make it. The most dominant is the affiliate program. Other features also include Bitcoin Cloud Mining, NFT, etc. KuCoin offers all of these features, and it also has the support of a trading bot that invests and withdraws amounts at the right time into the coins to increase the profit.

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