Let’s Celebrate National Cat Day!

National Cat Day is celebrated on the 29th of October every year, and it is the best time for all the cat parents to celebrate their pink-pawed furry friends. Suppose you wonder how you want to celebrate your furry friends on this ‌day. Keep reading this article, and you will learn about how national cat day started and how you can celebrate it.

Before you celebrate National Cat day, you need to understand how this day existed in human history. Colleen Paige pioneered the National Cat Day in the year 2005. She is a conservationist, welfare advocate, writer, and pet parent to her cats. She has also done behavioral rehabilitation work with wild cats. The campaign’s motive is to help millions of cats that are abandoned in shelters.

How can you celebrate National Cat Day in Australia?

There is no doubt that you take the best care of your cat. You will probably also have cat insurance to take care of every medical need. You may have also showered them with loving gifts (catnips and toys) and treats. So if you want to do something different, here are some things you can do for the pet cat and wilder cat community on National Cat Day.

Stop indiscriminate breeding:

If you are a cat parent, you must know cats produce a litter in a minimal period. So, getting your cat neutered or spayed is recommended if you can’t take care of the litter. But, if you want your cat to give birth to cute little kittens, make sure you take care of them or find them a lovely, loving home where they will be taken care of by their new pet parents.

Always adopt:

If you consider becoming a pet parent for the first time, try to adopt the pet instead of buying it from a breeder. Cats live for a long time, so even if you get yourself an adult cat, you can still form an enriching companion over many years. On the other hand, if your heart is set on getting a kitten, don’t opt out of looking in the shelters. Every shelter home for animals has kittens looking for a good home.

Support an animal shelter:

Maybe you are at a point in life where you can’t adopt, but you can still support these shelters. You can volunteer in a cat shelter on National Cat Day, or you make a reasonable donation in the cat shelter. If you want, you can do both.

So these are some ‌things you can do on the 29th of October and make National Cat Day a little more special. If you are a cat parent presently and don’t have cat insurance for your furry buddy, make sure you have one soon – to protect their health and your wallet. You can give your pet good pet health insurance and indeed they won’t understand any of it, but it’s worth it because it will benefit you and your pet in the long term.

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