The Most Popular Designer Stone, Classic Calacatta Quartz

Among modern designer gemstones, Classic Calacatta quartz has grown in popularity. The unique iridescent hue of the stone serves a variety of purposes. A multitude of uses for the stone’s distinctive, iridescent tint exist.

One of the newest stones used in the design is the quartz stone slab from Calacatta. It’s a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants their home or business to have a classy and stylish appearance. Everything from flooring to worktops may be made using calacatta quartz.

Because of its incredible color diversity, which runs from extremely light to very dark, calacatta is one of the most popular quartz. Because it has very high brilliance, this stone is frequently utilized as inexpensive jewelry. Additionally, calacatta quartz comes in a range of sizes and forms.

Consider purchasing traditional Calacatta quartz stone from BITTO if you’re seeking an opulent, one-of-a-kind material for your design. This stone offers many advantages that make it the ideal choice for any home, and is growing in popularity as a decorative material. Here is all the information you require about this useful gemstone.

A slab of quartz known as calacatta is composed of shards of various colors. Depending on the hue of the crystal, these particles might be either light or dark. Because of its exquisite colors and unique patterns, calacatta quartz is frequently referred to as “the diamond of the stone world.”

Selecting a Calacatta quartz stone slab over other varieties of stone has several advantages. Its ability to change color depending on the light source is one of the reasons it’s growing in popularity. This makes it ideal for use as an accent piece and in décor in any room.


Bitto is an experienced Chinese quartz manufacturer that is committed to providing customers with the highest quality quartz slabs. If you are looking for a reliable production of classic Karakata quartz, you can contact Bitto. Thank you for your reading!

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