Most worthwhile and Pro Level Field Hockey Tips for Beginners to Improve Game

If you are an amateur in field hockey and need to work on your abilities and execution, you ought to follow the tips referenced in this article. Like this, you will want to upgrade your field hockey execution without any problem.

Best Field Hockey Tips

These are the most useful and practical field hockey tips to follow that you must apply for better performance.

1. Hit

This is mastery which a lot of players fight to rule because there are innumerable such components to contemplate, for instance, foot position, ball position, head position, body position, hip upheaval, the swing, hold, wrist movement, finish, etc

2. Driving and Positioning

Players ought to be proficient get into significant positions, accepting they need to get the ball. Driving outstandingly allows you to have extra time prepared and to make better decisions. There are various kinds of leads you can make and can move dependent upon your position.

Timing is an essential variable to consider as a phenomenal pioneer isn’t staggering except if your arranging is spot on. Remarkable driving comes from understanding the player prepared similarly as your ability to anticipate what will happen immediately.

3. Passing

Great plays come from careful passing, so it is a critical perspective to cover. This point could be different capacities that moreover depend upon the position you play.

For example:

  • A defender may have to focus on their fake slapping or overheads.
  • A midfielder may have to manage passing off the right foot or lifted passes into space.
  • A striker may have to work on two v 1’s or one-contact passing.

4. Level stick tackle

All players should have the choice to make an immaculate level stick tackle, including progress and even goalkeepers. Awful handles are typically made when you get caught in a dreadful position or are blend arranged.

Powerless body position, getting level footed, and submitting too early are significant occasions that can provoke making horrible handles that achieve free hits in dangerous positions or being checked and momentarily suspended from the Game.

You may have to channel a player into a less hazardous district before making a tackle. You can do this by holding your stick down and compelling them out wide by situating yourself inside, closing off the quick course to the goal.

The way to protect is resilience and believing that the ideal chance will make your tackle.

5. Punch/Poke

The hit or poke tackle is potentially the most utilized underutilized capacity, which applies to all positions, regardless of whether a striker or midfielder is following back or a defender endeavoring to isolate an attack.

The place of the punch tackle is to put the player prepared under strain, change the direction of the ball or show them saw space.

6. Hatchet/Reverse

Even though it will generally be an annoying skill to rule, it is irrefutably a capacity worth practicing, especially if play on the left-hand side.

Shields can use the ax to clear balls down the line; midfielders could utilize it to cross the ball in, and strikers could make objective efforts from various focuses.

7. Misdirection

Although this one isn’t capacity, it is fundamental to make, accepting you want to pull off a massive load of the capacities referred to already.

If you can be enchanting about what you will do, it makes it harder for the obstruction and will give you a more prepared presence.


These are the top field hockey tips that all players should follow to work on their Game and execution.

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