Why Adults Like to Collect Action Figures So Much

Action figures collecting is a good hobby that millions of people have. That’s why when a new and exciting action figure is released, it immediately sells out, and fans are crazy for those action figures. Well, adults collect action figures for nostalgic feelings, hobbies, and joyfulness, and for many other reasons. Some of the reasons are explained here. However, if you are looking for some popular and exciting action figures, you can get them from


One of the most common reasons why adults like to collect action figures is that they have a hobby that they developed in their childhood. Almost all people have some kind of hobby that provides joy to them. And people who collect action figures, it’s their hobby, and they like this hobby very much. For example, people like Warhammer GW action figures so much, and they collect them because they like them and they are very popular.

Joyful Activity

Collecting action figures is a great joy for many peoples. That’s why they spend money on action figures so that they can enjoy the leisure of those figures. However, it’s good for health, and I am not joking at all. A report in 2009 shows that people who do joyful activities have lower blood pressure, lower depression and stress, and good mental and psychological functions. So, people who collect those action figures for fun and leisure are happier and more joyful than others who are always busy.

Commemorate with Movies

You have seen that when a new Hollywood movie is released, the franchise releases many action figures alongside the movie. They do that to commemorate the movie. At the same time, fans also buy those action figures since they like the movie or the movie franchise. However, if a hit movie franchise releases action figures, fans always buy their action figures for the hype of the movie. On the other hand, many movies franchise makes action figures with some extra details that they don’t show on the trailers of movie poster, and since the movie is so hyped, fans buy those action figures so that they can see those details.

Childhood Nostalgia

Almost all the adults who collect action figures are doing this because of the nostalgic feeling of childhood. I also collect lots of action figures, doesn’t matter anime, marvel, DC, or Star Wars. I have all the action figures of those things that I liked the most. These action figures help me to remember my childhood and the shows that I used to watch a lot. At the same people also collect them in their adulthood because when they were kids, they couldn’t afford that, and now since they can afford them, so they buy those and revive their childhood.


I am clearly against that thing that many people see action figure collecting as investments. That is because it’s a fact that people who love to collect action figures can go to heights to collect their desired action figures, and it also happens with limited edition action figures. For example, suppose you have an action figure that is a limited edition or one that no one has these days, but people love to have them, and they will pay any amount to have that. So, it’s a good investment plan for many people. But I think toys should be treated like good assets and as a joyful thing.

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