The Next Favorite Mobile Game to Play During Downtime

AviaGames just released its latest skill-based mobile game Bingo Tour, which is a great way to have fun during your downtime. Players are able to play against others in short, two-minute intervals without paying a dime. As a bonus, players can win real money in free cash tournaments. They can then securely withdraw the cash later via Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, etc.

No More Boredom!

How many times do people find themselves sitting on the bus or in a Lyft with nothing to do? It happens quite frequently! There’s nothing worse than being bored and feeling unchallenged. Bingo Tour is the perfect solution and cure for that boredom! No more twiddling thumbs or staring out of the window sighing. Bingo Tour offers delightful fun at all times!

How Does It Work?

Bingo Tour, a skill-based game centered around Bingo, was launched on November 23, 2021. It can be downloaded from iOS, and it will come soon on the Samsung galaxy store. The game can be played at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. Whether on the bus, in the car, or waiting for a friend, a person has the ability to play Bingo Tour anywhere. 

Bingo Tour is the virtual bingo game everyone wants but can’t find. Players are able to enter into bingo games with no money, win tickets, and then use those tickets in free cash tournaments where they are eligible for real cash prizes. 

They are paired with four other players based on their skill level, and each game lasts two minutes. That means rounds are always short enough to be fun, and make you want to play more! After each game, players are ranked and the top three are rewarded with tickets. 

These tickets can be used to gain entry to more free cash tournaments, where they can play to win even more money! Prize pools range from $5 to $55. Never has a mobile game been more lucrative! 

Fun On the Road

AviaGames is known for its high-quality games with seamless game experiences. Bingo Tour offers that same exact experience without any annoying ad interruptions. This game offers fun for all, no matter what experience level. A player can win real money on their road trip as simple as 1,2,3. 

Bingo Tour has a friendly and welcoming interface with bright colored animations and cute character designs. No game has been more fun, while also offering money as prizes at the same time. The perfect game to escape that dreaded family member at the next holiday party, Bingo Tour is a welcome distraction and fun to boot.

A Cure For Boredom By AviaGames

The newly launched skill-based mobile game Bingo Tour by AviaGames offers high-quality animations, design, and fun for everyone! Starting November 23, 2021, players can win real money in free cash tournaments while seeing how good their bingo skills are. Whether waiting for their next train or bored on a road trip, Bingo Tour makes great fun for everyone!

Convenient to play and offering both challenge and fun, Bingo Tour is likely to become the next legitimate cash game of choice for everyone! Cash prizes can be securely withdrawn via PayPal, Visa, and other participating payment processors. Nothing screams fun like competition, games, and cash prizes!

Download at one of the links below:

iOS Store | Website | Facebook

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