SVG Format: Features and Benefits

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a type of graphics that is formed using geometric objects: lines, circles, rectangles, curves and other elements.

A set of such details can give out almost any image. For example, it can be an icon of the social network Instagram.

We often see formats like JPG, PNG and GIF used both on websites and in social networks. They are obtained by creating bitmap graphics such as photos, screenshots, and various animated files. Along with these formats, there are many more similar ones, one of which is SVG. It is also used to display graphics, but not raster, but vector graphics.

Where is the best place to buy SVG files?

If you need to buy an SVG cutting file, we recommend using the SvgOcean website. Here you will find the largest library of SVG format. The company’s professional staff will be able to help you with a consultation and explain the terms of cooperation in an online format. By the way, the site has a lot of useful information about the use and functions of SVG files.

Advantages of SVG

One of the key features of the SVG format is its scalability. While enlarging images in JPG and PNG can lead to a reduction in quality, in the SVG format everything remains unchanged. You can magnify a vector image 100 times, and it will still look the same. Therefore, SVG images display well at the highest resolutions, without loss of quality, and are ideal for adaptive websites.

Another feature of SVG is its customizability. Suppose we need to upload a red icon to the site, but we only have a black one at hand. If it’s a JPG or PNG bitmap image, you’ll have to go to a lot of trouble to change the color of the icon. In the case of SVG, just open a graphics editor that supports vector images, such as Figma, and change the color of the icon with a single click. Just as if you were changing the color of a simple element.

Also the SVG image can be opened in HTML and CSS, which means that we can directly through the code change the object itself and its color.

All these advantages are ensured by the weight of the file – it will be an order of magnitude less than any raster image for the same characteristics of the picture. In addition, vector images can easily be animated with JavaScript, which is difficult to do with an ordinary picture.

Do I need a license to sell SVG files?

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If this type of license is attached to the file, it means that you can use it to create things for yourself or for gifts. Once you start using the images to create the things you sell, you’ll need a commercial license. For example, the freebies SVG files I offer here fall under a personal license.

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