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Picking Instagram Profile Picture

Just like you plan the content for your profile you are also required to plan your profile picture. This might look cumbersome and useless to some but trust us it isn’t. Profile picture plays a major role in the overall promotion and success of your profile. Just like a dish is incomplete without all its ingredients, a perfect Instagram profile is incomplete without a perfect profile picture.

Importance of a perfect profile picture:

Wondering how some profiles are getting so many followers while others even after putting so much effort are not? The reason behind this is you just do not need effort but you need effort in the right direction. You might be having the best products and posts but when someone is looking for products and services on Instagram, they judge you from your profile. A genuine and professional profile picture would gain more views than someone with an average profile picture, logic being the genuineness of the profile. People trust profiles that look more genuine and professional. For people to click on your profile your profile picture should stand out, this helps build a strong impression on users while creating brand awareness for you.

How to choose the perfect profile picture for Instagram?

  1. Fulfil Instagram profile picture size requirements:

The most overlooked thing on Instagram is the profile picture optimization, but this should drop in your priority list. Whenever you choose a profile picture for your account choosing something that perfectly fits that small circular thumbnail makes quite a difference on how your profile picture would look. Keep in mind the size requirements for your profile picture to make it clearly visible. A picture of 110 x 110 pixels and centre aligned would be clearly visible in that small circle. Hence choose a HD image of these measurements. You can use the Instazoom application to set the image to the perfect size for an Instagram profile picture.

  1. Keep check on your aesthetics:

The aesthetics for your profile picture should revolve around your brand or profession to advertise and explain to people your business and brand. Make sure your profile picture flows with the rest of your profile. Say if you run a cake business wearing a shirt with your brand print on it helps your profile picture become self explanatory.

  1. Try pictures that are simple and clean:

At times people have profile pictures with multiple props and people in it. You need to understand that the profile picture is being displayed in a small circular thumbnail, having an over cluttered profile picture creates commotion. Hence try keeping a solo picture with a clean and tidy background to elevate the entire look.

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  1. Add props and fun elements:

Instagram is all about fun. Whenever you put up a profile photo remember it’s not for your resume but it’s for your Instagram, hence it should not be formal. Try putting up a fun image. You can even add in some props to your profile picture to make it look fun.

  1. Choose the right amount of light and contrast:

No one wants to see a profile picture that is dull and dark. It simply takes away the light from your profile. Whenever you choose a profile picture or click a profile picture make sure you have the right amount of light. Not over exposed or under exposed, just the right amount of light to help your picture look bright enough. Also establish contrast between your foreground and background to strike the perfect balance and create the best profile picture.

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