“Jane 100M Series: A Game-Changer for Women Entrepreneurs”

Jane VC, a venture capital firm that supports female-led startups, recently announced the launch of its Jane 100M Series. The initiative is designed to invest $100 million in female-led companies over the next ten years. The Jane 100M Series is a significant step towards addressing the gender funding gap, and it has received widespread coverage in the media, including TechCrunch.

The Jane 100M Series: A Brief Overview

The Jane 100M Series is a bold initiative that aims to address the gender funding gap by investing $100 million in female-led startups. The program will support companies across a range of sectors, including healthcare, technology, and consumer goods.

The initiative is part of Jane VC’s broader mission to support and empower female entrepreneurs. Jane VC was founded in 2017 by Jennifer Neundorfer and Susan Lyne, who recognized the challenges faced by women in accessing venture capital funding. Jane VC has since become a leading investor in female-led companies, and the Jane 100M Series is its most ambitious initiative to date.

The Importance of Addressing the Gender Funding Gap

The gender funding gap is a well-documented issue in the startup world. According to research by PitchBook, female-led startups received just 2.3% of venture capital funding in 2020. This figure represents a slight improvement on previous years but is still woefully inadequate.

The gender funding gap has a range of negative consequences. It limits the opportunities available to female entrepreneurs, restricts innovation and creativity, and perpetuates gender inequality. The Jane 100M Series is a crucial step towards addressing this issue and creating a more equitable startup ecosystem.

The Impact of the Jane 100M Series

The Jane 100M Series has the potential to be a game-changer for female entrepreneurs. The $100 million investment will provide much-needed capital to female-led companies and enable them to scale their operations and achieve their growth potential.

In addition to providing financial support, the Jane 100M Series will also offer female entrepreneurs access to a network of experienced investors and mentors. This support will be crucial in helping female-led companies navigate the challenges of scaling a business and overcoming the barriers to success.

The launch of the Jane 100M Series has already generated significant interest from female entrepreneurs and the wider startup community. The initiative has been widely covered in the media, including TechCrunch, and is likely to inspire other venture capital firms to follow suit.


The Jane 100M Series is a vital initiative that has the potential to transform the startup ecosystem for female entrepreneurs. The $100 million investment will provide crucial funding and support to female-led companies and help to address the gender funding gap. The Jane 100M Series is a significant step towards creating a more equitable and inclusive startup ecosystem, and its impact is likely to be felt for years to come.

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