Exploring the Significance of Postscript SMS and Greylock: Insights from YC Partner TechCrunch

In recent years, e-commerce has become a booming industry with online businesses relying heavily on digital marketing to reach customers. One of the most effective marketing channels for online businesses is SMS marketing. Postscript SMS is one of the leading platforms for SMS marketing, and it recently received a significant investment from Greylock. In this article, we will explore the significance of Postscript SMS and Greylock’s investment, as explained by YC Partner TechCrunch.

What is Postscript SMS?

Postscript SMS is a platform that allows e-commerce businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to create and send SMS messages to their customers. The platform also provides advanced analytics tools that allow businesses to track the performance of their SMS campaigns. Postscript SMS boasts a high conversion rate and has been successful in helping businesses increase their sales.

Greylock Investment in Postscript SMS

Greylock is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies. In 2021, Greylock announced a $35 million investment in Postscript SMS. This investment was made as part of Postscript’s Series B funding round. The funding will be used to help Postscript expand its platform and improve its services.

Why did Greylock Invest in Postscript SMS?

According to Sarah Guo, a partner at Greylock, the investment was made because Postscript SMS is filling a gap in the e-commerce market. Guo stated that SMS marketing is an effective way for e-commerce businesses to reach their customers, but there are not many platforms that provide this service. Postscript SMS is one of the few platforms that has focused exclusively on SMS marketing for e-commerce businesses. Guo also praised the team behind Postscript SMS for their expertise and vision.

Insights from YC Partner TechCrunch

YC Partner TechCrunch recently interviewed Alex Beller, the CEO of Postscript SMS, to gain insights into the platform and Greylock’s investment. Beller explained that Postscript SMS has seen tremendous growth over the past year, with the platform now serving over 4,000 e-commerce businesses. Beller also shared his vision for the future of Postscript SMS, stating that the platform will continue to focus on SMS marketing but will also expand into other areas of e-commerce.

Beller also explained why Greylock’s investment was significant for Postscript SMS. He stated that Greylock’s expertise and network in the technology industry will help Postscript SMS grow and improve its services. Beller also praised Greylock’s approach to investing, stating that the firm takes a long-term view and is committed to helping companies succeed.


Postscript SMS is a leading platform for SMS marketing in the e-commerce industry. Greylock’s recent investment in Postscript SMS is a testament to the platform’s success and potential for growth. With the help of Greylock’s expertise and network, Postscript SMS is poised to become an even more important player in the e-commerce industry. As e-commerce continues to grow, platforms like Postscript SMS will play an increasingly important role in helping businesses reach their customers.

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