3 Must-See Beaches in Vancouver

With all that’s going on in Vancouver, it’s not all that hard to forget about the local beaches. For those who have never been to the city, this might sound impossible but just see it as a testament to how amazing everything else is in the city and also what surrounds it. 

From all the charm of neighborhoods like Gastown to the North Shore Mountains overlooking Vancouver, it’s easy to get a little distracted and end up not making your way to the local beaches. Don’t let that slip your mind any longer. Once you start planning your beach days, if you aren’t sure where to go, here are a few of the must-see beaches right in Vancouver.

Kitsilano Beach

What’s known as Kits Beach by the locals isn’t far from downtown but its location is not among the main reasons for its praise. It’s become a neighborhood hub for all things outdoors obviously thanks to it being a beach but there’s also plenty of grass around so that means there are options for plenty of fun without even seeing foot in the water. Don’t miss out on that though as it’s a wonderful place to wade around.

To no surprise, it’s located in the Kitsilano neighborhood so if you are passing through while looking at Vancouver homes for sale, do make sure to spend a little time at this beach. Even if it’s only to wind down for a few minutes or catch the sunset, you won’t regret any amount of time you are able to spend at Kits Beach.

Wreck Beach

If the typical crowds that come with a beach aren’t something you’re interested in, Wreck Beach might be the place you’re after. It’s located along the campus of the University of British Columbia but that’s far from the most interesting thing about the place. It’s plenty tucked away, even to the students on campus so you won’t find too many casual beachgoers around.

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Beyond it being located at the base of a cliff, to access the place you’ll have to tackle 500 steps. That might sound like a lot of work, especially when looking at the other beaches right in the city. Once you have those moments where it’s just you, the sand and the water, the magic that comes from that will make it worth all the effort it took to get there. 

West End Beaches

If you are in town for business or tourism, odds are high you’ll be staying somewhere downtown and if that’s the case you’ll only be around a 30-minute walk from English Bay and Sunset Beach. Even if you aren’t staying downtown, maybe because you are a permanent resident, don’t feel like this could just wait until the next time you are downtown to see these beaches.

With a thought like that, it might never actually happen and once you see the place, you’ll understand what you were missing out on. As mentioned, it’s not at all far from downtown yet there are no intrusions of commercialism to bother you. That might not sound impressive, but remember what modern life is like in any city. Once you are staring out at the water, you’ll quickly forget you’re still in the city.

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